titties and flames

the titties and flames tour, without the titties and flames

sword welcome to mc chris LIVE!

arrow this site is intended to be a central hub documenting the live performances of mc chris.

arrow i'm always looking out for new material to post so please contact me if you have concert audio or video that you would like to upload and share with others. if you have source material (dv tape, cd-r/w, minidisc, dvd+-r/w) and need help converting it to a more convenient digital format, please email me.

arrow be advised that none of this material is to ever be bought or sold or used in any way that involves money. it's meant to be free...by the fans and for the fans. so respect mc chris and don't be an ass with what you find here.

arrow if you like what you see and hear, go buy a t-shirt and a hoodie or two at the mc chris official store!

shield remember: we do it for fun, we do it for free! shield

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